#1 - Classic Introduction by Shane MacKinnon

Hello all! Welcome to my first ever blog post! It’s here where I will share my own thoughts, reflections, inspirations, and anecdotes relating to my own personal journey with fitness and wellness. Firstly, I want to give a shout out to Ali Eisner, who took the photos of me on this website. We worked together to capture a well-rounded story that would represent me, and my approach. I’m still working as an actor and aerialist performer but I will be using this website and blog for my fitness related work only.

Just over five years ago, I set a goal. The goal was to 1. Go to school and study fitness & health. And, 2. Be working for myself, in this field, by the time I turned 40 years old. There were many other smaller goals that presented themselves within my quest, but by this past July, I graduated with my necessary certifications and had my first client. I turned 41 this past September.

Before I set this goal, however, I had gone through something in my personal life that prompted this ball rolling. On December 27, 2011, I quit drinking alcohol forever. What was intended to be a three-month detox, became a permanent major lifestyle change. After removing alcohol, I quickly quit doing drugs as well. I will write more extensively on this subject in future posts. Today, I’m also a long distance runner having completed three full marathons including the 2015 Boston Marathon. I have also altered my nutrition towards consuming only a plant-based diet. One positive change inspired another.

My point in sharing is to communicate and that I know how hard it can be to make lifestyle changes. Nothing described above was easy! What inspired me to make these changes was the realization that I was depressed, and that that was due to the choices I was making, and that something had to give. I wasn’t healthy, physically or mentally. Getting up and moving really helped bring me out of my head and back into my body in a balanced way. Feeling the sweat come out of my pores, the heavy breathing, and the accelerated heart rate. These sensations made me feel so alive, an amazing revelation. It helped restore my self-confidence and gave me clarity.

To be clear: it is NOT my intention to turn all of my clients into sober, vegan, marathon runners!! HA! That was my journey. Through this journey, I developed a mantra that I live by. “If you want an extraordinary life, you have to make extraordinary choices.” It helps me break through and strive for what I want to achieve when I’m maybe not feeling inspired. I was actually going to call my business, “Extraordinary.” While meditating on that with a friend, a suggestion he made put “Shane Train” into my head and I knew that that was what I had to call myself and yes, there is a story there.